State House, Guyana

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State House
State house guyana.jpg
Main gates
General information
Town or city Georgetown
Country Guyana Guyana
Construction started 1858

State House (formerly "Government House") located in Georgetown, is the official residence of the President of Guyana. It was previously the official residence of the Governor of British Guiana before the colony gained independence and became Guyana.

The State House main building was built in 1858. It was the residence of the Governor General and in 1970, the country's first president, Arthur Chung, resided there. Former presidents Forbes Burnham and Hugh Desmond Hoyte resided instead in Castellani House, which now houses the Guyana National Art Gallery. In 1992, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, after being elected president, moved into State House and since then it has served as the official residence of the President of Guyana. This building is a collection of additions, but there are a few distinctive characteristics such as the Georgian six-paned windows and the Demerara windows.

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Coordinates: 6°49′04″N 58°09′46″W / 6.81778°N 58.16278°W / 6.81778; -58.16278