British Hockey League

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British Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1980
Ceased 1996
No. of teams 12 (Premier Division)
Country  United Kingdom
Sheffield Steelers
TV partner(s) BBC

The British Hockey League was the top-flight ice hockey league in the United Kingdom from 1980 until 1996 (with a short break between 1981 and 1982),[1] when it was replaced by the Ice Hockey Superleague and the British National League. The league replaced three regional leagues: the Inter-City League in southern England, the English League North in northern England and the Northern League in Scotland.

The league was sponsored by Heineken until 1993 and during this period was best known as the Heineken League.

The league changed format several times. The top level Premier Division was formed in 1983, and a second tier Division One was formed in 1986, being split into North and South conferences for the 87/88 and 93/94 seasons. The third tier Division Two was founded in 1987, renamed English Division One the following season and split from the league in 1992 and later dissolved. In 1996 a major reorganization of the league structure led the two remaining divisions to split into different leagues; resulting in the dissolution of the British Hockey League and the creation of the Ice Hockey Superleague to replace the premier division, and the British National League to replace division 1, respectively.

Durham Wasps and Whitley Warriors were the only two teams to consistently feature in the top division of the BHL throughout the duration of the league's history.

Premier Division[edit]



  • 1980/81 Murrayfield Racers
  • 1981/82 N/A (competition not held)
  • 1982/83 Dundee Rockets (section A) / Durham Wasps (section B) / Altrincham Aces (section C)
  • 1983/84 Dundee Rockets
  • 1984/85 Durham Wasps
  • 1985/86 Durham Wasps
  • 1986/87 Murrayfield Racers
  • 1987/88 Murrayfield Racers
  • 1988/89 Durham Wasps
  • 1989/90 Cardiff Devils
  • 1990/91 Durham Wasps
  • 1991/92 Durham Wasps
  • 1992/93 Cardiff Devils
  • 1993/94 Cardiff Devils
  • 1994/95 Sheffield Steelers
  • 1995/96 Sheffield Steelers

Division One[edit]



  • 1983/84 Southampton Vikings
  • 1984/85 Peterborough Pirates
  • 1985/86 N/A (competition not held)
  • 1986/87 Peterborough Pirates
  • 1987/88 Telford Tigers (north) / Billingham Stars (south)
  • 1988/89 Cardiff Devils
  • 1989/90 Slough Jets
  • 1990/91 Humberside Seahawks
  • 1991/92 Fife Flyers
  • 1992/93 Basingstoke Bison
  • 1993/94 Milton Keynes Kings (north) / Slough Jets (south)
  • 1994/95 Slough Jets
  • 1995/96 Manchester Storm

English Division One[edit]



  • 1987/88 London Raiders
  • 1988/89 Humberside Seahawks
  • 1989/90 Bracknell Bees
  • 1990/91 Milton Keynes Kings
  • 1991/92 Medway Bears

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