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The Government of the United Kingdom maintains intelligence agencies within several different government departments.

Current agencies[edit]

Agency Description
Domestic intelligence Security Service/MI5[1] Domestic counter terrorism intelligence gathering and analysis.
National Domestic Extremism and Disorder Intelligence Unit (NDEDIU)[2] Domestic counter extremism intelligence gathering and analysis.
National Crime Agency (NCA)[3] Organised crime intelligence gathering and analysis.
National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NBIS)[4] Illegal firearms intelligence analysis.
National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB)[5] Economic crime intelligence gathering and analysis.
Foreign intelligence Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)/MI6[6] Foreign intelligence gathering and analysis.
Defence Intelligence (DI)[7] Military intelligence analysis.
Signals intelligence Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)[8] Signals intelligence gathering and analysis.
Joint intelligence Joint Intelligence Organisation (JIO)[9] Joint intelligence analysis.


The Directorate of Military Intelligence was part of the War Office from the 19th century until absorbed by Defence Intelligence in the Ministry of Defence in 1964. Its sections were numbered and often referred to as "M.I. number". The names MI5 and MI6 retain wide currency, although the bodies are no longer within the Ministry of Defence.

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