British NVC community H1

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NVC community H1 (Calluna vulgaris - Festuca ovina heath) is one of the heath communities in the British National Vegetation Classification system. It is one of five communities categorised as lowland dry heaths.

It is a fairly localised community. There are five subcommunities.

Community composition[edit]

The following constant species are found in this community:

No rare species are associated with the community.


This community is confined to eastern and southeastern England, from Sussex to Lincolnshire, with the greatest concentrations occurring in Norfolk.


There are five subcommunities:

  • the Hypnum cupressiforme subcommunity
  • the Hypogymnia physodes - Cladonia impexa subcommunity
  • the Teucrium scorodonia subcommunity
  • the Carex arenaria subcommunity
  • the so-called species-poor subcommunity