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British NVC community MG5 (Cynosurus cristatus - Centaurea nigra grassland) is one of the mesotrophic grassland communities in the British National Vegetation Classification system. It is one of four such communities associated with well-drained permanent pastures and meadows.

This community is widely distributed community though common only in certain regions. There are three subcommunities.

This type of plant community was described in 1952 as Centaureo-Cynosuretum cristati Br.-Bl. & Tx..

Community composition[edit]

The following constant species are found in this community:

One rare species, Tuberous Thistle (Cirsium tuberosum), is associated with this community.


This community is widespread in lowland areas in England, Wales and Scotland, but its abundance varies between regions. It is uncommon in southern England and East Anglia, for instance, but strong concentrations occur in the Midlands and Yorkshire.


There are three subcommunities:

  • the Lathyrus pratensis subcommunity
  • the Galium verum subcommunity
  • the Danthonia decumbens subcommunity


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