British NVC community U6

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NVC community U6 (Juncus squarrosus - Festuca ovina grassland) is one of the calcifugous grassland communities in the British National Vegetation Classification system.

It is a comparatively localised community. There are four subcommunities.

Community composition[edit]

The following constant species are found in this community:

One rare species is associated with the community, Greater Pawwort, Barbilophozia lycopodioides.


This community is found locally in the uplands of Wales, northern England and Scotland.


There are four subcommunities:

  • the Sphagnum spp. subcommunity
  • the Carex nigra - Calypogeia trichomanis subcommunity
  • the Vaccinium myrtillus subcommunity
  • the Agrostis capillaris - Luzula multiflora subcommunity