British National Party leadership election, 2011

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British National Party leadership election, 2011
United Kingdom
1999 ←
25 July 2011 (2011-07-25)

  Nick griffin bnp from flickr user britishnationalism (cropped).jpg
Candidate Nick Griffin Andrew Brons
Popular vote 1,157 1,148
Percentage 50.2% 49.8%

Leader before election

Nick Griffin

Elected Leader

Nick Griffin

The British National Party (BNP) leadership election of 2011 was triggered on 28 June 2011 when the party attained a new constitution that required a leadership election to take place every four years.[1] Two candidates stood in the leadership election: Nick Griffin (BNP leader since 1999, and MEP for North West England) and Andrew Brons (MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber). On 25 July 2011, the results of the leadership election were announced, with Griffin being named the winner by just 9 votes. Griffin had secured 1,157 votes compared to the 1,148 votes for Brons.[2]


All candidates required support from 11 'voting members' in order to appear on the ballot. Two candidates were confirmed:

  • Nick Griffin, MEP for North West England and current Chairman of the BNP.
  • Andrew Brons, MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, and former Chairman of the National Front.

Richard Edmonds had announced his hope to stand for the leadership, but stood down in favour of Brons.[3]


The share of the vote was split 49.8% to Brons and 50.2% to Griffin. There were 11 spoilt papers[4] and 37 ballots were declared invalid as they contained no signature.[5]

British National Party leadership election, 2011
Candidate Votes %
Nick Griffin 1,157 50.2
Andrew Brons 1,148 49.8


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