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British Parachute Association
Sport Parachuting
Founded 1961
Chairman Martin Soulsby
Official website
United Kingdom

British Parachute Association (BPA) is the National Governing Body for Sport Parachuting in the United Kingdom.


The BPA was founded in 1960 to organise, govern and further the advancement of sport parachuting within the UK.[1]

The BPA aim to encourage participation in skydiving within the UK. Today there are currently 26 affiliated dropzones throughout the country and a membership of more than 30,000.

The association is funded by membership subscriptions and has an annually elected council of 15 full members which controls all aspects of skydiving on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority. Unlike many other sports which suffer from fragmented and divided governing bodies, the British Parachute Association represents most UK skydivers and most skydivers within the UK are members of the Association.[1]

The BPA is constituted as a company limited by guarantee.

Following the 50th anniversary of the BPA, an Archive Project was established to record and collect the history of the sport in the UK and the Association.

BPA Council[edit]

The BPA council consists of 15 elected members and the current chairman is Martin Soulsby.[2]

BPA Drop Zones[edit]

There are currently 29 Affiliated drop zones in the British Parachute Association.[3] These are:


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