British People's Party (2005)

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British People's Party
Leader Kevin Watmough
Founder Kevin Watmough
Eddy Morrison
John Graeme Wood
Sid Williamson
Founded 18 September 2005
Dissolved 25 July 2013
Headquarters BM Box 5581,
London WC1N 3XX
Ideology British Fascism,
Ulster loyalism
White nationalism
Political position Far-right
International affiliation World Union of National Socialists
Colours Black, White and Red
Party flag
Flag of the British People's Party (2005).svg

The British People's Party (not to be confused with the now defunct British People's Party (2015) which has no connection to previous groups) also known as "BPP - Putting Britons First" was the third incarnation of a name used by other neo-Nazi political parties in the United Kingdom. It was launched on 18 September 2005 by Kevin Watmough, Eddy Morrison, John G. Wood, and Sid Williamson as a splinter group from the Nationalist Alliance, following what they saw as the unacceptably slow progress of that movement. Its members are former members of Combat 18, British National Party (BNP), National Front (NF) and the White Nationalist Party. Its founding member Eddy Morrison left the BPP and joined the NF in 2009. The party dissolved in 2013.


The party is committed to a number of ideals including the implementation of the "Fourteen Words", and the expulsion of non-whites and Jews.[1] It also expresses support for loyalism in Northern Ireland. The BPP describes its economic policies as establishing a "White Workers' State" as an alternative to Marxism and capitalism in which it is in favour of nationalising the media and banks, supporting small businesses while dismantling multi-national ones, and of re-criminalising homosexuality.[1] The BPP also denies the Holocaust.[2]


The BPP was led by Kevin Watmough and was largely dedicated to the legacies of British Nazis who pre-date the party, such as Arnold Leese, John Beckett and Colin Jordan.[3] On 27 October 2005, the party officially registered with the Electoral Commission as 'BPP - Putting Britons First'.[4][5] The BPP initially had two publications: Vanguard, which came out every month, and Imperium, a quarterly magazine that was more theoretical.[6] Both have ceased publication. On 17 October 2005, the BPP was proscribed to members of the BNP.[7]

The BPP stood a small number of candidates in the May 2006 council elections without winning any seats. The party did not contest the following year's elections as they claimed to have declared a 'truce' with the BNP[6] but continue to oppose the BNP for its rejection of Nazism. The BPP was also critical of the British First Party for what it claimed was that group's attempts to conceal its Nazism and behave as a 'populist' party.[8]

Goole party member Martyn Gilleard was convicted in June 2008 of possessing child pornography, illegal weapons and explosive devices.[9] Gilleard was sentenced to 13 years in prison and has since reportedly converted to Islam. When police searched his house they found 39,000 indecent images of children and an arsenal of weapons, bombs and far-right literature.[10] He was expelled from the BPP when the police revealed he had also been arrested for possession of child pornography.[citation needed]

The party supported Simon Sheppard during his arrest, trial and imprisonment on incitement to racial hatred charges for material on his Heretical Press site.[11]

The group also attempted to expand into Northern Ireland under the name of the Ulster British People's Party. They undertook leafleting campaigns in support of a return for the shoot-to-kill policy[12] and against the presence of Roma people in the Village area of south Belfast.[13] A further campaign against Polish immigration was condemned by Democratic Unionist Party MP Gregory Campbell, who called for a crackdown on the BPP in Northern Ireland.[14] Although the BPP website avowedly states that they support Northern Ireland's continuing status within the UK[1] they also offer coverage to Ulster Nation, a pro-independence journal.[11]

The only BPP member to have stood for election was David Jones (who was the former BPP Commissioner) who three years running contested the Todmorden ward of Calderdale Council, in West Yorkshire, where he is a resident. In May 2010, he received 283 votes (5.0%) of the poll,[15] in May 2011, 203 votes (5.5%)[16] and in May 2012, 257 votes (8.5%).[17] According to the party's website Jones was expelled from the BPP, over allegations of bringing them into disrepute, a week before the 2012 election.[18][unreliable source?]

The party was "voluntarily deregistered" with the Electoral Commission on 25 July 2013.[19] Kevin Watmough, the BPP Leader, dissolved the party and called on all members and supporters to give their support to the National Front which he believes can create a viable white working class backlash in the United Kingdom.[citation needed] The BPP website remains online for reference purposes only.


The party's annual reports to the Electoral Commission do not give membership figures, but membership appears to be in decline. The latest (2010) report states that annual membership costs £10 and life membership £35. Income from membership is given as £780, suggesting a minimum of 23 and a maximum of 78 members.[20] Membership receipts are quoted as £920 in 2009, a maximum of 92 members.[21] Prior to 2009, there was a single category of membership at £5 per annum. In 2008, membership receipts were £1170, suggesting 234 members.[22] Similarly, in 2007 there were 315 members[23] and 262 in 2006[24]


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