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The British Press Awards is an annual ceremony that celebrates the best of British journalism. Established in the 1970s, honours are voted on by a panel of journalists and newspaper executives. A financially lucrative part of the Press Gazette‍ '​s business,[1] they have been described as "the Oscars of British journalism", or less flatteringly, "The Hackademy Awards".[2]

For 2006, the judging process had two stages with Charles Wilson as chairman of the judges. The first stage chose five entries for the shortlists of each category and the second stage determined the winners. The Supplement of the Year, Cartoonist of the Year and Front Page of the Year categories were judged by independent panels of experts. Newspaper of the Year were judged on an Academy-style voting system. The judging forum comprised 80 senior staff journalists and a Grand Jury of 20 non-affiliated senior media executives representing each of the national newspaper groups.[3]


The categories change from year to year, some previous categories have included:


Newspaper of the Year, Reporter of the Year, Business Journalist of the Year, Financial Journalist of the Year, Young Journalist of the Year, Photographer of the Year, Sports Photographer of the Year, Foreign Reporter of the Year, Columnist of the Year, Feature Writer of the Year, Critic of the Year, Front Page of the Year, Sports Reporter of the Year, Sports Writer of the Year, Sports Journalist of the Year, Team of the Year, Interviewer of the Year, Supplement of the Year, Scoop of the Year, Cartoonist of the Year, Specialist Writer of the Year, Political Journalist of the Year and Showbusiness Writer of the Year.[4]


Business Finance and Economics Journalist of the Year, Breaking News Award, Campaign of the Year, Foreign Affairs Journalist of the Year, Investigation of the Year, New Journalist of the Year, Photojournalist of the Year, Politics Journalist of the Year, Journalism Innovation of the Year, Sports Journalist of the Year and Science and Technology Journalist of the Year.[5]

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