British Rabbit Council

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British Rabbit Council
British Rabbit Council (logo).jpg
BRC logo
Abbreviation BRC
Formation 1934
Legal status Non-profit company
Purpose Rabbits in the UK
Region served
Rabbit owners
Main organ
Management Committee
Website BRC

The British Rabbit Council (or BRC) is a showing organisation for rabbit lovers all over the UK. The rabbit is Britain's third most popular pet.[1]


To enter most rabbit shows, you must be a member and your rabbit must have a metal ring around one hind leg registered in your name. In breed classes the rabbits are judged to a standard. Shows are rated from 0* to 5*, 0 being the lowest and 5 the highest.[citation needed]

Recognised breeds[edit]

There are over 60 breeds recognised by the BRC and over 500 varieties. These are split into 4 groups - Fancy, Fur, Rex and Lop.[2]


The BRC's aim is 'To protect, further and co-ordinate the interests of all British rabbit breeders; to assist and extend the exhibition rabbits, to influence, advise and co-operate with central and local authorities, departments, education and other committees and schools in promoting the extension of the breeding of rabbits, and to promote and encourage education and research of a scientific and/or practical nature for the welfare and benefit of the rabbit.'[citation needed]


It was formed in 1934 from the British Rabbit Society and the National Rabbit Council of Great Britain and her Dominions.[3]

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