British Radio Car Association

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British Radio Car Association
Brca logo1-300x107.png
Sport Radio-controlled racing
Jurisdiction United Kingdom
Abbreviation BRCA
Founded 1971
Affiliation Motor Sports Association
Regional affiliation EFRA
Headquarters Uffculme, Cullompton, Devon
Chairman Dave Waters
Official website
United Kingdom

The British Radio Car Association (or BRCA) is an organisation that promotes the construction and racing of all types of radio controlled cars in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1971 by Ted Longshaw[1] and Keith Plested, who was also the founder of PB Racing, a manufacturer of RC cars;[2][3][4] they coordinate BRCA affiliated clubs in the UK, and offer insurance for any accidents that might occur. They also organise regional and national racing events for various classes. Each year the BRCA produces a rules booklet for every UK racing class, such as 1:10 Electric touring cars, 1:8 Nitro circuit cars and 1:16 Electric micro offroad cars with specific rules as regard to maximum and minimum dimensions, and homologated motors and cells. It is recommended (and at some clubs compulsory) to become a BRCA member due to its insurance and health + safety benefits.

BRCA representatives at the 2013 EFRA 1/8 Off-Road Championship

The BRCA is a member of EFRA (European Federation Of Radio Operated Model Automobiles). The BRCA follows EFRA rules and uses their lists of approved equipment for model racing.

The BRCA is also affiliated with the Motor Sports Association who deal with motorsports in the UK, although deal primarily with full-size racing rather than scale model racing

one of the early logos of the BRCA (1970s-1990s)

In 2016 the BRCA is hosting the first Reedy International 1/12 Race of Champions at centre:mk Milton Keynes, which is also part of the Model Motorsport Show


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