British Salonika Army

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British Salonika Force
British Salonika Army
Active World War I
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Type Field army

The British Salonika Army was a field army of the British Army during World War I.

First World War[edit]

The Army was formed in Salonika under Lieutenant General Bryan Mahon to oppose Bulgarian advances in the region as part of the Macedonian Front.[1] The army arrived in Salonika (along with French troops) on 15 October 1915.[2] In May 1916 Lieutenant General George Milne replaced Bryan Mahon as commander of the Army. It eventually comprised two corps and remained in place until 1921.[3] The dead of the British Salonika Army are commemorated by the Doiran Memorial.

Component units[edit]

(British Salonika Force, March 1917)[3]

XII Corps

XVI Corps

GHQ Troops




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