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Britanski trg

British Square (Croatian: Britanski trg), colloquially known as Britanac (lit.'the Brit'), is a public square in the city of Zagreb, Croatia.[1] It is one of the few remaining squares to include an open-air farmers' marketplace with fresh fruit, vegetables and other foods brought directly from farms,[2] and is a revered urban area among the population of Zagreb.[3] Britanski trg is located along Ilica Street, a few blocks west from the main city square, Ban Jelačić Square. It is also a transport hub—it is an endpoint for several bus lines, while the city tram lines 1, 6 and 11 stop on its south side.[4] The square itself is convenient for access to several elite upscale neighborhoods of Zagreb, such as Pantovčak and Zelengaj.[5] The open air market is held daily from early morning until about noon, and an antiques fair is held at the square each Sunday.[6][7]


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Coordinates: 45°48′47″N 15°57′53″E / 45.81306°N 15.96472°E / 45.81306; 15.96472