British University in Egypt

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The British University in Egypt
الجامعة البريطانية فى مصر
British University in Egypt
Seal of The British University in Egypt
Motto "Learn How to Think not What to Think"
Established September, 2005
Type Private
Location Cairo,  Egypt
Campus Sherouk City
BUE final logo.JPG

The British University in Egypt is a private Egyptian university in El Sherouk, Greater Cairo, Egypt. Founded in September 2005,through an inter governmental agreement, the University provides a British style of education and awards degrees validated by its partner UK universities and the Egyptian Supreme Council. Located some 30 km from downtown Cairo, the campus covers approximately 40 acres (fedans) of land with some 27000 m² space of modern purpose-built teaching facilities. An extensive building programme is underway including a modern state-of the art - library.


The BUE currently has six main faculties : Business Administration, Economics and Political Science; Dentistry; Engineering; Informatics and Computer Science; Nursing and Pharmacy.There is also an English Department that provides service teaching and support for the faculties.

Campus Life[edit]

Club Name Club Logo Description
Enactus (Formerly known as SIFE) Enactus offers university students the opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom to solve real world problems. Through the process of teaching and serving others, they catch a glimpse of the true scope of their personal potential and are forever changed. As they go about the process of organizing their team, developing education projects and competing in a global competition, they develop teamwork, leadership, and communication skills far beyond those of the average university student.
Model British Parliament (MBP) The Model British Parliament (MBP) is a student organised simulation aimed at university students in Egypt. Through this model, we seek to create a politically aware environment that encourages political participation and knowledge. In this model, participants engage in debates and discussions about momentous mainstream topics as civic rights, public policies and democratic values. We mainly endorse the honing of the members’ debating, presentation, public speaking, leadership, and communication skills, as well as encouraging teamwork (through working within their political parties in the model parliament). Students will further develop to be effective mindful citizens, henceforth, future political leaders.
Business Students Community (BSC) Business Students Community at BUE.jpg B.S.C is a community that works with leaders in business and university students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Students participating will have a deeper educational experience by having a closer connection by each other. Students in year 3 after prep are the people in charge of the community in order to transfer the experience for the rest of the students. Students are required to participate in a wide range of competitions in order to enhance the community. Department members are required to set up conferences related to their major that enhance the reputation and the name of the BUE business department.
Multicultural Club The Multicultural Club was a simple concept that the founder of the club had and wanted to create. The concept was to give culture to the BUE community. The idea was presented to Ms. Hanan El Sawdawi, the head of student activities and welfare department and she has approved it on spot.
SocialWave Activities (SWA) "Uniqueness and Elegance are Our Signature", SocialWave Activities (SWA) is a non-profit, student-based activities organization in The British University in Egypt,Objectives of SocialWave :

1) To serve the BUE in all possible means, making it as superior as possible.
2) To offer a wide variety of activities through our four main departments: Educational/Cultural Activities Department, Entertaining Activities Department, Arts & Media Department, Community Service/Charity Work Department.
3) To create a realistic channel of interaction between the BUE students and other students from different Egyptian universities.
4) To create an unforgettable work experience for our team members, and develop their teamwork skills.

The Society of Electrical Engineers (SEE) Society of Electrical Engineers Logo.png On October 19, 2010, a group of students occupied by the desire to improve our student community, and driven by the hope to see the development of the university and take the lead of higher education in Egypt, have come to the decision of creating a Society of Electrical Engineers (SEE) that would serve as an independent student body, composed exclusively of electrical engineering students from the British University in Egypt, and organized by them and for them.
Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE - BUE) As future civil engineers, students should rightly be exposed to a wide array of international organisations that can help them build their knowledge and experience and prepare them for their future careers.

The ICE Student Chapter Committee, based within the British University in Egypt (BUE), aims help to create "complete" civil engineers. These are civil engineers who will carry out their future careers to a high technical standard, but will also be guided by a sound knowledge of social responsibility.

Statistics about ICE BUE

1) The student chapter was officially established in 2012 after ICE UK approval
2) 9 organized events in 2012/2013
3) Events categories: Technical, soft-skills, academic, athletic, competitions, trips, entertainment, cultural, charity

ICE BUE Executive Board (2013/2014)

Founder: Ahmed Khalid Bauomi EL-Shamy
President: Dina Samir Hamed
Vice-President: Abdallh EL-Fahmy
Treasurer: Ameen Shalaan
Secretary: Mohammed Adel EL-Tahlawy

ICE BUE Contact Info

The Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) An international association that concerned with the petroleum and natural gas industry. It is established in 1977 with its mission To collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge and to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence, SPE Today has more than 100,000 members in 118 countries, 173 member sections and 211 student chapters.

The chapter aims to give university students an enhanced understanding of the oil and gas industry by exposing them to new technologies and developments in the industry.

Economics Students Association (ESA) Economics Students association.jpg The club is about engaging students in economics-related activities where they can learn about and apply economic principles,
Society of Mechanical Engineers (SME) Society of Mechanical Engineers, A society in the BUE which formed by a group of self-motivated Mechanical engineering students in 2009 aiming to enrich the life of BUE students with a variety of academic and entertainment events, along with organizing some charitable events to aid those in need, Their Aim is to enrich the life of Engineering students in the BUE, especially Mechanical Engineers, from all aspects by all possible means.
Fotografia "Fotografia" aims to deliver a new definition of photography; we will conduct courses, exhibitions, publish articles, run photography trips, hold competitions and distribute prizes. You will also get certificate of achievements and other privileges.

Board of Trustees[edit]

  • Mr. Farid Khamis - Chairman
  • Mr. Raed Hashem - Deputy Chairman
  • Prof. Mostafa Ahmed Goudah—BUE President
  • Prof. Ibrahim Badran
  • Dr. Hossam Badrawi
  • Prof. Adel Beshai
  • Sir David Blatherwick
  • Lord Sebastian Coe
  • Sir David Davies
  • Prof. Mona Makram Ebeid
  • Prof. Mostafa El Feki
  • Prof. Mohamed El Kassas
  • Prof. Boutros Ghali
  • Prof. Eglal Hafez
  • Dr. Tarek Hassanne
  • Mr. Mahmoud Fouad Khamis
  • Dr. Ibrahim Kamel
  • Prof. Ahmed Aboul Magd
  • Prof. Mahmoud Mohi El Din
  • Mr Nick McHard
  • Sir Derek Plumbly
  • Prof. Shirley Pearce
  • Prof. Mostafa Sabet
  • Lord Andrew Stone
  • Dr. Magdy Yacoub

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