British Virgin Islands general election, 1954

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The British Virgin Islands general election, 1954 was a general election held in the British Virgin Islands in 1954 for seats on the Legislative Council of the British Virgin Islands. The exact date of the election is not recorded, although based on contemporary records it appears to have been in April.[1] Similarly the exact vote tallies in each of the districts is not recorded, nor are the names of the candidates who stood.

The previous election in 1950 had elected four members to the Council on the basis of a Territory-wide vote. The 1954 election was the first election to employ districting. The Territory was divided into five districts, the largest of which (the 2nd District - Road Town) would have two members. All seats were contested.


At the time candidates were not affiliated with political parties. Notable candidates who were elected for the first time included Theodolph Faulkner, remembered for his key role in relation to the reintroduction of democracy in the British Virgin Islands.

Exact voting counts are not recorded, but the following candidates were declared winners:[2]

List of Elected Members

District Member(s)
1st District Wilfred W. Smith
2nd District
(two members)
H.R. Penn, MBE
Isaac G. Fonseca
3rd District Edwin H. Leonard
4th District Leslie Franklyn Malone
5th District Theodolph Faulkner



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