British Virgin Islands general election, 1963

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The British Virgin Islands general election, 1963 was a general election held in the British Virgin Islands on 28 November 1963 for seats on the Legislative Council of the British Virgin Islands.

For the general election the Territory was divided into five districts, the largest of which (the 2nd District - Road Town) would have two members. All seats were contested.

The Supervisor of Elections was Ralph T. O'Neal.


At the time candidates were not affiliated with political parties. Notable candidates elected for the first time included future Leader of the Opposition, Q.W. Osborne, and future Minister, Terrance B. Lettsome.

British Virgin Islands general election, 1963[1]
Constituency Candidates elected Votes Percentage
1st District H. Lavity Stoutt 215 68.0%
Edward Stoutt 101 32.0%
Total 316 100.0%
2nd District
(Two representatives)
Isaac G. Fonseca 442 35.4%
Arnando Scatliffe 239 19.1%
Ivan Hodge 210 16.8%
Connor Stanford 186 14.9%
H.R. Penn 173 13.8%
Total 1,250 100.0%
3rd District Ivan Dawson 122 51.7%
Christopher G. Wellington 114 48.3%
Total 236 100.0%
4th District Terrance B. Lettsome 194 52.7%
Leslie F. Malone 174 47.3%
Total 368 100.0%
5th District Q. William Osborne 252 73.5%
Irvin George 91 26.5%
Total 343 100.0%

The 1963 election essentially served as a prelude to the introduction of Ministerial government in the next election in 1967. The three most prominent politicians elected, Lavity Stoutt, Q.W. Osborne and Ivan Dawson went on to form political parties in 1967 to contest the election once party politics was introduced to the jurisdiction.


Prior to 1967 there were no Ministerial appointments in the British Virgin Islands, but elected politicians did undertake certain Ministerial type responsibilities. Subsequent to the election, Lavity Stoutt was appointed Member for Communications and Works, and Ivan Dawson was appointed Member for Trade and Production.


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