Family tree of the British royal family

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This is the British monarchs' family tree, from James VI & I (whose accession united the thrones of England and Scotland) to the present monarch, Elizabeth II.

Before James VI/I[edit]

See Scottish monarchs' family tree and English monarchs' family tree. This also includes Wales, Scotland and England; all part of the United Kingdom as well as the French Norman invasion.

For a simplified view, see: Family tree of English and British monarchs.


  • - The red border indicates the monarchs
  • - The bolded border indicates the close relatives of the monarchs (parents, spouse(s) and children)
  • - The thin border indicates other relatives
  • name / title / date - The green font indicates the living persons

House of Stuart[edit]

House of Hanover[edit]

House of Windsor (formerly Saxe-Coburg and Gotha)[edit]

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