Britons in Pakistan

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British in Pakistan
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Azad Kashmir
English (British and Pakistani), Punjabi, Kashmiri (Pahari, Potwari) and Urdu
Christianity · Islam
Related ethnic groups
British people, British diaspora

British in Pakistan (Urdu: برطانوی باشندے‎) consist of British people and their descendants who emigrated from the United Kingdom. A sizeable number of Britons in Pakistan are British Pakistanis, descendants of Pakistani immigrants to the UK prior to their return. The city of Mirpur in Azad Kashmir has often been dubbed as 'Little Britain' due to the majority of British Pakistanis hailing from this region, and hence maintaining great settlement connections with the city.[2]


Schools catering to British children:


According to the Pakistan Ministry of Tourism, some 115,000 British citizens and dual UK-Pakistan citizens visited Pakistan between January and May 2009.[3]

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