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Brittany Ferrell is a black civil rights activist from St. Louis, Missouri.[1][2] Ferrell co-founded Millennial Activists United,[3][4] a self-described "activist collective created by queer black women" from and around Ferguson, Missouri.[5] Ferrell co-founded Millennial Activists United in light of the killing of Michael Brown,[6] hoping to motivate youths to take a stand against racism and racial injustice. Millennial Activists United was founded in regards to the disproportionate number of women and LGBTQ individuals in leadership positions.[5] Ferrell participates in rallies, attends city council meetings and uses social media to spread awareness.[5]

Ferrell married Alexis Templeton, a fellow MAU co-founder, in December 2014.[7] They met while protesting the death of Michael Brown.[8][9]

In August 2015, Ferrell and Templeton were arrested after participating in a protest that blocked I-70. Ferrell was charged with felony property damage, trespass and peace disturbance. Templeton was charged with third-degree assault, trespassing on the interstate and peace disturbance.[10]


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