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Brittany Kaiser is an American former business development director for Cambridge Analytica which collapsed after details of its misuse of Facebook data were revealed to have potentially impacted voting in the U.K and the U.S. Kaiser testified about her involvement in the work of Cambridge Analytica before the U.K. Parliament and in private before the Mueller Investigation.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Kaiser was born in Houston and grew up in Lincoln Park on the North Side of Chicago.[3][4] Her father worked in real estate development and her mother worked for Enron.[5]

She graduated from Phillips Academy Andover in 2005 then went on to study at the University of Edinburgh, the City University of Hong Kong, the University of London’s Birkbeck College, and earned certificates of study at the World Bank Institute and US Institute of Peace. She later obtained her Doctor of Philosophy from Middlesex University.[6][5][7]


While she was studying in Scotland, Kaiser took time off to work on Barack Obama's media team during his presidential campaign in 2007. She also worked for Amnesty International as a lobbyist appealing for an end to crimes against humanity.[7][8]

Between February 2015 and January 2018, Kaiser worked full time for the SCL Group, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, as director of business development. During her time at Cambridge Analytica, Kaiser worked under senior management, including CEO Alexander Nix.[5]

In April 2018, Kaiser started a Facebook campaign appealing for transparency, called #OwnYourData.[8]

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Kaiser fled to Thailand. She later testified before the British Parliament about Cambridge Analytica and privacy threats posed by Facebook.[3]
Kaiser is the subject of a Netflix documentary titled The Great Hack, which is about her work with Cambridge Analytica.[9][6]

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