Brittle Days – A Tribute to Nick Drake

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Brittle Days - A Tribute To Nick Drake
Brittle Days - A Tribute to Nick Drake.JPG
Compilation album by Various artists
Released 1992
Genre Pop
Label Imaginary
Producer Unknown
Various artists chronology
Nine of Swords
Brittle Days - A Tribute to Nick Drake
Five Leaves Theft (Tribute album)

Brittle Days - A Tribute To Nick Drake is a 1992 compilation album released by Imaginary Records in the UK. The album features contemporary artists performing cover versions of songs by Nick Drake. Imaginary Records, most notably home The Chameleons UK and similar new-wave UK bands, was greatly influenced by Drake.

It received a 2/5 star rating at Allmusic. Critic Wilson Neate praised the covers by The Changelings and The Walkabouts, but wrote that "Unfortunately, many of the adaptations on Brittle Days are forgettable, or perhaps best forgotten[…]More surprising, perhaps, is the fact that, although both Drake's peers and subsequent generations of musicians have heaped accolades on his work, this album features few prominent names." [1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. The Changelings - "River Man"
  2. The High Llamas - "At The Chime Of A City Clock"
  3. Loop - "Pink Moon"
  4. No-Man - "Road"
  5. The Walkabouts - "Cello Song"
  6. Shelleyan Orphan - "Joey"
  7. Scott Appel - "From the Morning"
  8. The Times - "Fruit Tree"
  9. Martyn Bates - "Know"
  10. Swinging Swine - "Voice From The Mountain"
  11. Nikki Sudden & The French Revolution - "Time Has Told Me"
  12. Tracy Santa - "Fly"
  13. Clive Gregson - "Northern Sky"
  14. Scott Appel - "Hazy Jane"
  15. R. Stevie Moore - "River Man"


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