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Various buildings in Slatina

Slatina is a district of the second largest city in the Czech Republic - Brno.

It is located in the eastern part of the city and is somewhat separated from other parts. It neighbours with Černovická terasa – a zone for industrial development where many companies have facilities (such as Honeywell, Daikin and others).

In 1919, Slatina officially became part of Brno. Today's statistics show that Slatina currently has approximately 8,500 inhabitants.

Slatina has a well-preserved village center. Modern houses are located mostly in the south, panel houses were built in 1980s in the north part of Slatina.

Today, there are two trolleybus lines and several bus lines which serve the transport to and from the city center. Main Czech highway D1 leads near.

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Coordinates: 49°10′33″N 16°41′13″E / 49.17583°N 16.68694°E / 49.17583; 16.68694