Bro Goth agan Tasow

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Bro Goth agan Tasow ("Old Land of our Fathers") is one of the anthems of Cornwall, UK sung in the Cornish language. It is sung to the same tune as the Welsh national anthem, Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau. The Breton anthem Bro Gozh ma Zadoù also uses the same tune.[1]

The Song of the Western Men, more commonly known as Trelawny, is often considered to be the Cornish anthem as well, and as in Scotland, opinion is divided on the matter, and there is no official position.[citation needed] Trelawny's words are certainly more widely known amongst Cornish people.[citation needed]


Bro goth agan tasow, dha fleghes a'th kar,
Gwlas ker an howlsedhes, pan vro yw dha bar?
War oll an norvys 'th on ni skollys a-les,
Mes agan kerensa yw dhis.


Kernow! Kernow, y keryn Kernow;
An mor hedre vo yn fos dhis a-dro
'Th on onan hag oll rag Kernow!

Gwlaskor Mytern Arthur, an Sens kens, ha'n Gral
Moy kerys genen nyns yw tiredh aral,
Ynnos jy pub karn, nans, menydh ha chi
A gows yn Kernewek dhyn ni.


Yn tewlder an bal ha war donnow an mor,
Pan eson ow kwandra dre diryow tramor
Yn pub le pynag, hag yn keniver bro
Y treylyn kolonnow dhiso.



Old land of our fathers, your children love you!
Dear land of the west, what country is your equal?
Across the whole world, we are spread far and wide,
But our love is for you.


Cornwall! Cornwall, we love Cornwall!
As long as the sea may be
As a wall around you,
We are one and all for Cornwall!

Kingdom of King Arthur, ancient saints and the Grail,
No other land is more beloved by us;
In you every tor, valley, mountain and house
Speaks to us in Cornish.

In the darkness of the mine and on the waves of the sea,
When we are wandering through overseas lands
In whatever place, and in however many countries,
May we turn our hearts to you.

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