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BroadVoice Inc.
Industry Communications services
Founded December 2003 in Lowell, Massachusetts
Headquarters Northridge, California
Products Voice over IP

BroadVoice is a Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone service provider that enables customers to transmit / receive voice and video communications via a broadband Internet connection. Customers typically make and receive phone calls using an ordinary telephone connected to an analog telephony adapter or a digital SIP-enabled wired (Ethernet) or WiFi phone. Devices are either provided by BroadVoice, or customers may use their own equipment on discounted rate plans. Calls can be made to any telephone number in the US or internationally.

BroadVoice, a subsidiary of Convergent Networks,[1] was founded in December 2003 and was based in the Billerica, Massachusetts area as of 2008. Convergent was purchased by Eastern Photonics, a subsidiary of Global NAPs, a CLEC.[2]

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