Broad Fourteens

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The Broad Fourteens on a map by Delisle (1743)

The Broad Fourteens is an area of the southern North Sea that is fairly consistently fourteen fathoms (84 feet/26 metres) deep. Thus, on a nautical chart with depths given in fathoms, a broad area with many "14" notations can be seen.


The Broad Fourteens region is located off the coast of the Netherlands and south of the Dogger Bank, roughly between longitude 3°E and 4°30'E and latitude 52°30'N and 53°30'N.

The area is known to the Dutch and German navies as the Breeveertien.

Geologically it is comparable to the Long Forties, another submerged plateau that has related origins.

Naval Battles[edit]

The area has been the scene of many naval engagements throughout history.

Roman Britain to 1800

World War I

World War II

  • German U-boats passed through this area on their way to L'Orient, France and the U-boat base there.

Geological issues[edit]

The shallowness of this area means that the largest oil tankers cannot traverse the English Channel from the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean because their draft is deeper than the depth in the Broad Fourteens.

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