Broad Front (Peru)

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Broad Front

Frente Amplio por Justicia, Vida y Libertad
LeaderMarco Arana
FoundedJune 2013
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
ColorsGreen, Red
Seats in the Congress
0 / 130
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Broad Front (Spanish: Frente Amplio), officially registered as The Broad Front for Justice, Life and Liberty (El Frente Amplio por Justicia, Vida y Libertad),[1] is a political coalition of leftist parties and movements in Peru.


In March 2012, the Broad Front was registered as a political party with the National Board of Elections.[1] In July 2012, five Congressmen of the Popular Action party, four lawmakers who had been elected on the Peru Wins slate but defected to the Broad Front in the meantime, and one defector from Force 2011 formed a joint parliamentary group named Popular Action—Broad Front.

In June 2013, the organization was re-established as the Broad Front for Justice, Life and Liberty (Frente Amplio in short). In 2015, Verónika Mendoza was elected as the Front's presidential nominee for the 2016 general elections.[2][3]

In the 2016 Congressional election, the Broad Front won 13.9% of the votes and 20 out of 130 seats. The Front's presidential candidate Mendoza finished third, gaining 18.7% of the ballots.

The Broad Front held its 2nd National Congress on 24–25 September 2016 in Lima.


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