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1093LC Tupatukasi Waterfall.jpg
Tupatukasi Waterfall, Broadback River
Country Canada
Province Quebec
Region Jamésie
Source Lac Frotet
 - location 95 km north of Chibougamau
 - elevation 380 m (1,247 ft)
 - coordinates 50°46′0″N 74°39′20″W / 50.76667°N 74.65556°W / 50.76667; -74.65556
Mouth Rupert Bay off James Bay
 - location 17 km south of Waskaganish
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 51°21′20″N 78°52′00″W / 51.35556°N 78.86667°W / 51.35556; -78.86667Coordinates: 51°21′20″N 78°52′00″W / 51.35556°N 78.86667°W / 51.35556; -78.86667
Length 450 km (280 mi) [1]
Basin 20,800 km2 (8,000 sq mi) [1]
 - average 350 m3/s (12,360 cu ft/s) [1]
Broadback map.png
Broadback River basin in yellow

The Broadback River (French: Rivière Broadback) is a river in northern Quebec, Canada. It drains into Rupert Bay (a smaller bay at the south end of James Bay), just south of the Rupert River and Cree community Waskaganish. The major lake on the river's course is Lake Evans.

The Broadback, together with the Nottaway and Rupert Rivers, was initially considered to be dammed and diverted as part of the James Bay Project. However, in 1972 hydro-electric development began on the more northerly La Grande and Eastmain Rivers, and the NBR Project was shelved. With the decision to divert the Rupert River to the La Grande, it is not likely that the Broadback will be developed in the foreseeable future.

River is a popular canoe-tripping destination.[2]


Since the Broadback River flows relatively close to the northern edge of its basin, most of its major tributaries are left tributaries. Major tributaries in downstream order include:

Tributaries above Lake Evans[edit]

Tributaries below Lake Evans[edit]

Broadback River.jpg


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