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Broadbent Institute
Broadbent Institute logo.png
TypePublic policy think tank
HeadquartersOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Ed Broadbent
Executive Director
Rick Smith

Broadbent Institute is a Canadian progressive and social democratic think tank.[1][2] It was founded by Ed Broadbent[3] the former leader of the federal New Democratic Party (NDP) from 1975 to 1989.[4] The mission of the Broadbent Institute is to "Support, develop, and promote social democratic principles for the 21st century", "Propose new solutions for a more equal society", and "Equip a new generation of progressive campaigners & thinkers with the tools they need to build a social democratic society through training and education".[5]

The founding executive director of the Institute was Kathleen Monk. Rick Smith became executive director in January, 2013.[6]

Current directors include Ed Broadbent, Dawn Black and Patti Bacchus.

Press Progress, a website, is a project of the Broadbent Institute.


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