Broadcasting Corporation of China

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Broadcasting Corporation of China
BCC Songjiang Building milestone.jpg
BCC Songjiang Building milestone
Traditional Chinese 中國廣播公司

The Broadcasting Corporation of China (BCC; Chinese: 中國廣播公司; pinyin: Zhōngguó Guǎngbō Gōngsī) is a broadcasting company in the Republic of China (aka Taiwan). It was founded as the Central Broadcasting System in Nanjing in 1928.


BCC Songjiang Building in Taipei

Central Broadcasting System is considered the first Chinese run radio station with a legitimate infrastructure. The first station in the Republic of China, however, was the 1923 Radio Corporation of China.[1] It was originally based in Harbin. However, since the Radio Corporation of China was originally owned by Radio Corporation of America, the Chinese government shut it down.[2]

CBS was originally established by the Chinese Nationalist Party. It made its first broadcast in 1928 with the Call sign of XKM, and later changed to XGOA.[1] The station became the central point with multiple stations established in other major cities. The infrastructure was significant in controlling airwave communication and any spread of propaganda.[1]

The name was changed to "Broadcasting Corporation of China" in 1947. BCC was moved to Taiwan in 1949 when the Kuomintang government was defeated in the Chinese Civil War.

In 2005, following the government's policy to remove political and military influences from the media, BCC was privatized and sold to a holding company in the China Times Group. In December 2006, China Times Group sold BCC to UFO Radio, controlled by Chao Shao-kang, a politician and television personality with links to the pro-China New Party.


Today, it is a privately owned company under a Government contract, and it also has the most radio network services in Taiwan.

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