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Broadlands Academy
Broadlands School.jpg
St Francis Road

, ,
BS31 2DY

Coordinates51°25′01″N 2°30′33″W / 51.4170°N 2.5093°W / 51.4170; -2.5093Coordinates: 51°25′01″N 2°30′33″W / 51.4170°N 2.5093°W / 51.4170; -2.5093
EstablishedBroadlands School 1935
Broadlands Academy 2012
Department for Education URN138985 Tables
PrincipalJames Hall
Age11 to 16
Enrolment432 as of 2016[1]

Broadlands Academy is a secondary school in Keynsham, Bath and North East Somerset, England. Formerly known as Broadlands School founded in 1935,[2] the academy opened in December 2012. The school, which had specialist Science College and Engineering College status, had 464 students between the ages of 11 and 16 years as of 2014.[1]

The Academy is located near the north-west edge of the Bath and North East Somerset local authority area, and attracts many of its pupils from outside the local authority area. In 2006, 69% of pupils came from Bristol and South Gloucestershire.[3] This led the local authority to consider amalgamating the school with the nearby Wellsway School, though in 2010 a decision was made not to proceed with this proposal.[4][5]

In July 2012, Justine Hocking (who worked alongside students and staff to ensure that the school would remain open in 2010) stepped down as head after working at the school for 10 years.

Broadlands converted to an academy with the Academies Enterprise Trust in December 2012. Mr Dean Anderson will take over from Richard Williams (interim head Sep - Dec 2012) as Headteacher of Broadlands Academy in January 2013.The head teacher as of 2017 is James Hall who has taken over from Dean Anderson.


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