Broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibodies

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Broadly Neutralizing HIV-1 Antibodies (bNAbs) are neutralizing antibodies which neutralize multiple HIV-1 viral strains.[1] bNAbs are unique in that they target conserved epitopes of the virus, meaning the virus may mutate, but the targeted epitopes will still exist.[2] In contrast, non-bNAbs are specific for individual viral strains with unique epitopes. The discovery of bNAbs has led to an important area of research, namely, discovery of a vaccine, not only limited to HIV, but also other rapidly mutating viruses like Influenza, etc.

The following table shows the characteristics of various HIV-1 bNAbs[3]

Viral Epitope Antibody binding characteristics Antibody clonal family Year published
MPER of gp41 Contiguous sequence 2F5 1992
Contiguous sequence 4E10 1994
Contiguous sequence M66.6 2011
Contiguous sequence CAP206-CH12 2011
Contiguous sequence 10E8 l 2012
V1V2-glycan Peptidoglycan PG9, PG16 2009
Peptidoglycan CH01–04 2011
Peptidoglycan PGT 141–145 2011
Outer domain glycan Glycan only 2G12 1994
V3-glycan Peptidoglycan PGT121–123 2011
Peptidoglycan PGT125–131 2011
Peptidoglycan PGT135–137 2011
CD4 binding site CDRH3 loop b12 1991
CDRH3 loop HJ16 2010
CDRH3 loop CH103–106 2013
Mimics CD4 via CDRH2 VRC01–03 2010
Mimics CD4 via CDRH2 VRC-PG04, 04b 2011
Mimics CD4 via CDRH2 VRC-CH30–34 2011
Mimics CD4 via CDRH2 3BNC117, 3BNC60 2011
Mimics CD4 via CDRH2 NIH45–46 2011
Mimics CD4 via CDRH2 12A12, 12A21 2011
Mimics CD4 via CDRH2 8ANC131, 134 2011,2015
Mimics CD4 via CDRH2 1NC9, 1B2530 2011,2015

Recent years have seen an increase in HIV-1 bNAb discovery.

Online databases like bNAber and LANL constantly report and update the discovery of new HIV bNAbs.


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