Broadneck High School

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Broadneck High School
Broadneck High crest.png
1265 Green Holly Drive
Annapolis, Maryland 21409
United States
Coordinates 39°2′21″N 76°27′12″W / 39.03917°N 76.45333°W / 39.03917; -76.45333Coordinates: 39°2′21″N 76°27′12″W / 39.03917°N 76.45333°W / 39.03917; -76.45333
Type Public, Coeducational
Motto Bold, Responsible, United, Inovated, Never Gives Up (B.R.U.I.N)
Established 1982
School district Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Principal Jim Todd
Teaching staff 113.76 (FTE)
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 2182 (2012-2013)
Student to teacher ratio 19.18
Campus Suburban
Color(s) Maroon, Grey, and White
Nickname Bruins
Rival Severna Park High School
Newspaper Tribruin
Yearbook Kaleidoscope

Broadneck High School is a school in the United States, located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland on Green Holly Drive, on the border between Arnold and Cape St. Claire, suburbs of Annapolis.[2] The Bruin is the school's mascot. Broadneck is part of the Anne Arundel County Public Schools system and known for the breadth of its Advanced Placement program, among its higher level courses such as Linear Algebra. It has been the test school for courses such as Calculus III and offers options to take classes at the nearby Anne Arundel Community College and CAT-South schools. The Broadneck Bruins are rivals with the nearby Severna Park High School Falcons. The current BHS feeder middle schools are Severn River Middle School and Magothy River Middle School. Broadneck has a good reputation throughout Maryland and Anne Arundel County. In 2013, Newsweek ranked Broadneck as one of the top 20 high schools in Maryland, and top 1,000 in the country. Broadneck also received the highest rank by Newsweek out of all the Anne Arundel County Public High Schools in 2013.[3]


In the 1970s, nearby Severna Park High School was beginning to become overcrowded and was the only high school that served students on the Broadneck Peninsula at the time. In attempt to solve overcrowding at Severna Park, Anne Arundel County Public Schools built Broadneck High School, which opened in January, 1982 for students in grades 10-12, and had a total of 310 students. The first principal was Lawrence E. Knight. In 1984, the school chose its mascot as the Bruins and its colors as maroon, grey, and white, and the football stadium was named in honor of principal Lawrence E. Knight. In 1987, Broadneck began to experience overcrowding, and as a result, portable classrooms were added to the side of the school. An auditorium was also added to the school, a gravel pit was added near the softball fields to build more room for student parking, and Broadneck Athletics were added to the Anne Arundel County league. A fire also occurred in the English Department, resulting in the hospitalization of a teacher. Broadneck also became a smoke free school in 1987. In 1996, a large construction/expansion project began on the school building to allow room to add 9th graders to the school and in 1998 the project was finished and Broadneck opened its doors to its first freshman class. In 2010, a two story wing was added to the building.[4]


The demographic breakdown of the 2182 students enrolled for the school year 2012-2013 was as follows:[1]

  • Male - 51.3%
  • Female - 48.7%
  • Native American/Alaskan - 0.5%
  • Asian/Pacific islander - 3.1%
  • Black - 7.0%
  • Hispanic - 6.1%
  • White - 79.5%
  • Multiracial - 3.8%


Newsweek Ratings[edit]

Newsweek annually rates American high schools based on the ratio of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate tests taken by all students in the school to the number of graduating seniors that year.[5] In 2008, Broadneck was ranked 216th,[6] and in 2005-2007, 184th,[7] 197th,[8] and 338th,[9] respectively.

Advanced Placement[edit]

Broadneck is an Advanced Placement Certified school.[10] Broadneck was also been named an Anne Arundel County Public Schools Advanced Placement Distinguished High School in 2004, 2005, and 2006.


Broadneck High School's athletics teams are the Bruins and Lady Bruins and their colors are maroon and grey. The Broadneck Bruins are rivals with the Severna Park High School "Falcons" and the South River High School "Seahawks". The school has won numerous state and local championships.


Performance groups include Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band and Big Band, a Percussion Ensemble, the String Orchestra, a full Mixed chorus, Male chorus, Women's chorus and an audition-only Vocal Ensemble. Other classes include differing levels of Piano and Guitar, Music History, Electronic Music, and Honors & AP Music Theory.

Marching Band[edit]

The marching band is known as the "Marching Bruins". The band is made up of roughly 100 members.

Choral Program[edit]


Broadneck is home to many clubs that offers students with all different types of interests a possibility to meet others that share their same interests.

Main Clubs[edit]

At last count, the 29 clubs at Broadneck High School include:

Honor Societies/Groups[edit]

Other Activities[edit]

  • Muggle Quidditch is used as a once-a-year springtime fundraiser for causes of the day. In the 2009-2010 school year, proceeds went to Haiti relief efforts, in 2010-2011 they went to Japan.[41]

Notable alumni[edit]

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