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Broadside female cast 1964.JPG
Kathleen Nolan with Sheila James, Joan Staley and Lois Roberts, 1964.
Genre Sitcom
Written by Frank J. Gill, Jr.
George Carleton Brown
Si Rose
Ray Brenner
Barry E. Blitzer
Benedict Freedman
Earl Barret
Robert C. Dennis
Jack Harvey
Bruce Howard
Bud Nye
Elroy Schwartz
Irving Taylor
Sam Locke
Joel Rapp
Stan Dreben
Howard Merrill
William Raynor
Myles Wilder
Directed by Frank McDonald
Sidney Miller
Edward Montagne
Hollingsworth Morse
Don Richardson
Jean Yarbrough
E.W. Swackhamer
Charles Barton
Starring Edward Andrews
Dick Sargent
Sheila James
Kathleen Nolan
Joan Staley
George Furth
Arnold Stang
Jimmy Boyd
Composer(s) Jerry Fielding
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 32
Producer(s) Edward J. Montagne
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Universal Television
Distributor MCA Television
NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Original network ABC
Picture format Black-and-white
Audio format Monaural
Original release September 20, 1964 (1964-09-20) – May 2, 1965 (1965-05-02)

Broadside is an American sitcom that aired on ABC during the 1964-1965 TV season. The series, produced by McHale's Navy creator Edward Montagne, starred Kathleen Nolan, formerly of The Real McCoys (her character, Lieutenant Morgan, had first appeared on McHale's Navy the previous season).[1]


The series centered on the women of the Navy (WAVES) circa World War II, who found themselves transferred to an island in the South Pacific to run the motor pool in an otherwise all-male environment. Their nemesis was Commander Adrian, who liked things just fine the way they were and felt that having women around would just louse everything up. Fortunately for the WAVES, the other men liked them just fine and often helped the girls foil Adrian's latest scheme to get rid of them.

The series starred Kathleen Nolan, Edward Andrews, Dick Sargent, Sheila James (in her last regular television series role), Lois Roberts, Joan Staley, George Furth, Arnold Stang and Jimmy Boyd (whose character was erroneously assigned to the unit based on his having a normally-female first name, Marion). The series ran for just a single season. Though ratings weren't bad, Universal felt the tropical exteriors being used by it and McHale's Navy—and nothing else—were taking up too much space on the backlot, so Broadside was cancelled and McHale was relocated to Italy (and the studio's more frequently-used European facades).


  • Kathleen Nolan as Lieutenant Anne Morgan
  • Edward Andrews as Commander Roger Adrian
  • Dick Sargent as Lieutenant Maxwell Trotter
  • Jimmy Boyd as Marion Botnik
  • George Furth as Ensign Beasley
  • Sheila James as Selma Kowalski
  • Lois Roberts as Molly Maguire
  • Joan Staley as Roberta Love
  • Arnold Stang as 1st Class Stanley Stubbs


Season 1[edit]

Episode # Episode title Original airdate
1-1 "Don't Make Waves" September 20, 1964
1-2 "The Non-Permanent Wave" September 27, 1964
1-3 "Kill 'Em with Kindness" October 4, 1964
1-4 "Annie Shoots Down the Cupid" October 11, 1964
1-5 "Lt. Morgan's Secret Marriage" October 25, 1964
1-6 "The Great Lipstick War" November 1, 1964
1-7 "Adrian Gets Nipped" November 8, 1964
1-8 "The Morale of Molly McGuire" November 15, 1964
1-9 "Adrian's Anniversary Waltz" November 22, 1964
1-10 "Anne Bugs the Enemy" November 29, 1964
1-11 "Ranakai Flips Its Wig" December 6, 1964
1-12 "My Son, the Egg" December 13, 1964
1-13 "Selma, the Love Trap" December 20, 1964
1-14 "The Obstacle Course" December 27, 1964
1-15 "Behind the Eight Ball" January 3, 1965
1-16 "The Stowawaves" January 10, 1965
1-17 "The Wolfman Cometh" January 17, 1965
1-18 "Taurus to Aries to Chance" January 24, 1965
1-19 "Adrian Goes Gung-Ho" January 31, 1965
1-20 "The Arrival of Stanley Stubbs" February 7, 1965
1-21 "Follow That Pigeon" February 14, 1965
1-22 "Three Wishes" February 21, 1965
1-23 "Lieutenant Love, Sir" February 28, 1965
1-24 "Adrian's Phantom Staff Car" March 7, 1965
1-25 "Adrian Gets the Boot" March 14, 1965
1-26 "Filet on the Hoof" March 21, 1965
1-27 "The Great Ranakai Mutiny" March 28, 1965
1-28 "Anne Morgan's Home Movies" April 4, 1965
1-29 "Witchcraft a Go-Go" April 11, 1965
1-30 "Once Upon an Island" April 18, 1965
1-31 "Miss Ranakai" April 25, 1965
1-32 "Operation Clip-Joint" May 2, 1965


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