Broadway (typeface)

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Broadway Font.svg
Category Sans Serif
Classification Display
Designer(s) Morris Fuller Benton
Commissioned by American Type Founders
Foundry American Type Founders
Date created 1927
Date released 1928
Re-issuing foundries Lanston Monotype
Broadway sample text

Broadway is a decorative typeface, perhaps the archetypal Art Deco typeface. The original face was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1927 for ATF as a capitals only display face. It had a long initial run of popularity, before being discontinued by ATF in 1954. It was re-discovered in the Cold Type Era and has ever since been used to evoke the feeling of the twenties and thirties. Several variants were made:[1]

Digital Copies[edit]

Digital versions are now made by Linotype, Elsner+Flake, Monotype, Bitstream, and URW++. ITC Manhattan is virtually identical and is sold by ITC and Linotype, while Glitzy is a knock-off made by Ingrimayne Type.


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