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Brock Bowling Club


The club was founded in 1948 .[1] as the Blackburn Welfare Bowling Club by fitters employed by the local Blackburn Aircraft Factory, which in the post war years adapted to the provision of pre-fabricated housing units. The club adopted the name of Brock as a tribute to Mrs Willox, who previously had been married to Mr Walter Brock Jnr of Levenford House, who died in 1937 and whose name she had offered when the Blackburn factory closed. Mrs Willox’s patronage was valuable at this time of change and she was a regular attender at the openings of the green for a number of years thereafter.

The honour of being elected the first President of the club was bestowed upon Mr Andrew Skinner,[2] latterly a member of Townend B.C. and a notable personality around the local greens. His tenure of office saw the club successfully through its inaugural year and the succeeding one, 1949. The club champion in 1949 was D.L. Turner,[3] and, when five years later a ladies section was formed, Peggy McDonald was its first champion.

The club is located on the north side of Crosslet Road and lies between two schools, Dumbarton Academy and St Patricks Primary. The original clubhouse was located between the bowling green and tennis courts, which have been closed for many years, the ground having been required by the local Education Authority. A new clubhouse was constructed on the opposite side of the green in 1966 and was extended, first in 1978 and more recently in 1993. Due to the rebuild of Dumbarton Academy, the club moved a new home on Overburn Avenue.

The club has reached two Scottish finals, the Gents Triples in 1979 and more recently the Gents Junior Singles in 2015.

Paul Kane Jnr earned the club's first International honours when he was capped for Scotland U25's in 2016.

60th Anniversary[edit]

The club recently celebrated its 60th year in 2008. For the record, 2008's President was Alec Clifford[2] and the club champion was Joe McCallum.[3]


2017 S. Erskine
2016 D. Murdoch
2015 D. Murdoch
2014 B. Monaghan
2013 L. Kane
2012 M. Monaghan
2011 W. Glover
2010 J. Owens
2009 W. Keady
2008 A. Clifford
2007 W. Neeson
2006 W. Neeson
2005 T. Erskine
2004 I. Campbell
2003 J. Neeson
2002 J. Neeson
2001 T. Hughes
2000 W.T. Hughes
1999 W.T. Hughes
1999 T. Fleming
1998 J. Donnelly
1997 P.J.J. Lynch
1996 A. Thomson
1995 J. Donnelly
1994 W. Valentine
1993 C. McIntyre
1992 C. McIntyre
1991 R. Canning
1990 R. Canning
1989 J.A. Aitken
1988 J.S. Gillies
1987 J.S. Gillies
1986 D. Ballantyne
1985 D. Ballantyne
1984 A.W. Rae
1983 I. Gillies
1982 I. Gillies
1981 J. Melvin
1980 T. Thomson
1979 W. Hughes
1978 W. Hughes
1977 C. McIntyre
1976 C. McIntyre
1975 W. Adamson
1974 A. Hamill
1973 A. Hamill
1972 J. Melvin
1971 H.R. Wallace
1970 G. Gracie
1969 T. Suter
1968 J. Melvin
1967 J. Melvin
1966 J. Mair
1965 W. Dobbie
1964 A. Crichton
1963 T. McDonald
1963 F. Douglas
1962 K. Oliver
1961 J. Stevenson
1960 T. McDonald
1959 J. McCallum
1958 W. Dobbie
1957 W. Clark
1956 J. Rea
1955 J.S. Cunningham
1954 J. Kennedy
1953 J. Kennedy
1952 G. Wright
1951 G. Wright
1950 G. Wright
1949 A. Skinner
1948 A. Skinner


2017 P. Kane Jnr
2016 P. Kane Jnr
2015 P. Kane Jnr
2014 P. Kane Jnr
2013 G. Grace
2012 G. McMartin Sr
2011 A. Rawle
2010 W. Grace
2009 C. Fraser
2008 J. McCallum
2007 J. McCallum
2006 W.T. Hughes
2005 B. Jackson
2004 B. Jackson
2003 M. Montgomery
2002 W.T. Hughes
2001 T. Erskine Jnr
2000 J. Dickson
1999 G. Grace
1998 J. White
1997 S. Wilson
1996 J. White
1995 D. Ballantyne Jnr
1994 C. McIntyre Jnr
1993 G.D. Stewart
1992 S. Wilson
1991 R.B. Allan
1990 C. McIntyre Jnr
1989 W. Valentine
1988 D. Currie
1987 J.S. Gillies
1986 J. Melvin
1985 G. Rae Jnr
1984 I. Gillies
1983 A.W. Rae
1982 A.W. Rae
1981 A.W. Rae
1980 G. Rae Jnr
1979 D. Stewart
1978 A.W. Rae
1977 A. Rankin
1976 J. White
1975 J. Aitken
1974 W. Hughes
1973 J. Rea
1972 I. Oliver
1971 J. White
1970 W. Barbour
1969 W. Valentine
1968 A. Hickey
1967 J. Rea
1966 A. Hickey
1965 W. Clark
1964 A. Hickey
1963 T. Jackson
1962 K. Oliver
1961 K. Oliver
1960 J.Marsland
1959 J. Stevenson
1958 J. Rea
1957 M. Toole
1956 J. Rea
1955 J.S. Cunningham
1954 J. Rea
1953 J.S. Cunningham
1952 J. Rea
1951 J. Marsland
1950 J. Rankin
1949 J.S. Cunningham
1948 D.L. Turner


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