Brock Island

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Brock Island
Brock Island, Northwest Territories
Location Northern Canada
Coordinates 77°51′N 114°27′W / 77.850°N 114.450°W / 77.850; -114.450 (Brock Island)Coordinates: 77°51′N 114°27′W / 77.850°N 114.450°W / 77.850; -114.450 (Brock Island)
Archipelago Queen Elizabeth Islands
Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Area 764 km2 (295 sq mi)
Length 41 km (25.5 mi)
Width 39 km (24.2 mi)
Territory Northwest Territories
Population Uninhabited

Brock Island is one of the uninhabited islands of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago located in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Located at 77°51'N 114°27'W, it measures 764 km2 (295 sq mi) in size and lies close to Mackenzie King Island. The first known sighting of the island was by Vilhjalmur Stefansson in 1915 and was later named for Sir Isaac Brock.[1]


Terra MODIS satellite image of Brock Island (left) and Mackenzie King Island (center).
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