Brocklehurst, Kamloops

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Brocklehurst is a neighbourhood in the western area of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Brocklehurst is bordered by the Thompson River to the south, North Shore to the east, the Kamloops Airport to the west, and the Batchelor hills and Batchelor Heights aka Batchelor Hills to the north. Brocklehurst, which briefly existed as a District Municipality in its own right from 1971 until amalgamation with Kamloops in 1973, is the largest of the city's neighbourhoods, accounting for 16% of the city's population. The Brocklehurst area (or Brock) as referred to by its residents, is the warmest and most hospitable of the micro climates in the city of Kamloops. There can be as much as a 4 degree Celsius increase from Brock, to Aberdeen all within the city of Kamloops.


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Coordinates: 50°42′00″N 120°25′00″W / 50.70000°N 120.41667°W / 50.70000; -120.41667