Brockley Jack Theatre

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Brockley Jack Theatre
The Brockley Jack pub, Crofton Park.jpg
The Brockley Jack pub. Theatre entrance is on the right.
Address 410 Brockley Road
London, SE4 2DH
United Kingdom[1]
Coordinates 51°27′09″N 0°02′18″W / 51.452527°N 0.038438°W / 51.452527; -0.038438
Public transit National Rail Crofton Park
Type Fringe theatre
Capacity 50[2][3]
Opened 1992[4]

The Brockley Jack Theatre (also known as the Jack Studio Theatre) is an Off West End theatre in the Crofton Park area of Lewisham, south London. It shares a building with the Brockley Jack pub.

The theatre was founded by David Kincaid, Michael Bottle and Peter Rocca; Kincaid and Bottle took the leads roles in its first production, of the Chekhov pieces On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco and Swansong.[5] It opened in 1992[4] and is a registered charity.[6]

The Brockley Jack Theatre's programming is a mix of established works and new writing, produced by in-house company Southside Arts[7] and by visiting theatre companies, plus comedy and music nights and regular work-in-progress "scratch" shows. It runs workshops to support new playwrights, hosts the Brockley Jack Film Club and produces an annual festival of new plays, Write Now, supported by Lewisham Council.[8]

The theatre's artistic director is Kate Bannister.[4] Mike Burnside was the initial artistic director[9] and Rhys Thomas held the post from 1996 to 1999.[10][11] The Brockley Jack Theatre's associate companies are OutFox and Bruce Farce; previous associate companies include The Faction Theatre Company.[12]


  • Mick Martin's play The Life and Times of Young Bob Scallion, which premiered at the Brockley Jack Theatre, won the TAPS/BAFTA Best New Play Award 1998.[13]
  • Kate Bannister and theatre manager Karl Swinyard won the Best Venue Directors category at the Fringe Report Awards 2011.[14][15]
  • Best Foodie Experience (South East London) in the Off West End Theatre Awards 2011[16]
  • Most Welcoming Theatre (South East London) in the Off West End Theatre Awards 2013[17]
  • Most Welcoming Theatre (South East London) in the Off West End Theatre Awards 2014[18]


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