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Brockram is a type of rock found in northern England. It is a basal breccia of cemented limestone and sandstone fragments dating from the Permian period, forming part of the Appleby Group.[1]

Brockram (basal Breccia) outcrops in the Whitehaven and Workington district (Geological survey of Gt. Britain sheet 28). Saltom Bay gives a good exposure of the Brockram. Along the coast (Saltom Bay to St. Bees ) the thickness of the Brockram varies from 0.75m to 20.5 m. Inland boreholes have revealed the thickness of Brockham to be up to 121 m. [2]

Brockram has been used as a building material in Kirkby Stephen and the rest of the Vale of Eden where it has also been quarried for lime burning.


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