Brockton Brightfield

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Brockton Brightfield
CountryUnited States
LocationBrockton, Massachusetts
Coordinates42°04′30″N 71°00′48″W / 42.07500°N 71.01333°W / 42.07500; -71.01333Coordinates: 42°04′30″N 71°00′48″W / 42.07500°N 71.01333°W / 42.07500; -71.01333
Commission dateOctober 26, 2006
Solar field
TypeFlat-panel PV
Site area3.7 acres (0.0 km2)
Power generation
Units operational1,395
Nameplate capacity425 kW

Brockton Brightfield in Brockton, Massachusetts is a solar power plant in New England. Consisting of 1,395 photovoltaic panels on a 3.7-acre (1.5 ha) site, it has a maximum output of 425 kilowatts. It was officially opened on October 26, 2006, on the site of the former Brockton Gas Works.[1]

When built, the site was said to be the largest "brightfield" in the U.S., although other developments since then are larger.[2] "Brightfield" is a term for an abandoned industrial site that has been turned into a solar-power facility. It is a blend of the words "bright" and "brownfield", the latter referring to abandoned, often polluted, industrial sites that have been redeveloped.

It was the largest photovoltaic site in New England for several years, but was surpassed by several utility-owned sites in 2010.


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