Brockton Point Lighthouse

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Brockton Point Lighthouse
Brockton Point Light and Vancouver.jpg
Brockton Point lighthouse
Brockton Point Lighthouse is located in British Columbia
Brockton Point Lighthouse
British Columbia
Location Brockton Point
British Columbia
Coordinates 49°18′03″N 123°07′01″W / 49.300917°N 123.117018°W / 49.300917; -123.117018Coordinates: 49°18′03″N 123°07′01″W / 49.300917°N 123.117018°W / 49.300917; -123.117018
Year first constructed 1890 (first)
Year first lit 1915 (current)
Automated 1956
Deactivated 2008
Construction masonry
Tower shape square tower
Markings / pattern white tower with a horizontal red band, red lantern
Height 105 metres (344 ft)
Admiralty number G5447
CHS number ex-CCG 0402
NGA number 13004
ARLHS number CAN-060
Managing agent City of Vancouver (Stanley Park) [1]

Brockton Point Lighthouse is located in Stanley Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The light was first established at the location in 1890. A square tower, painted white with a red horizontal stripe, was built in 1914. The lighthouse was designed by William P. Anderson and has a red lantern and an arched base with a walkway underneath. The light has been officially inactive since 2008 but may still be displayed occasionally for decorative purposes.

The site is owned by the Canadian Coast Guard and has been managed by the Vancouver Parks Board since 2006.[2][3]


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