Brockville Jail

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Brockville Jail
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Location Brockville, Ontario
Coordinates 44°35′27″N 75°41′08″W / 44.590968°N 75.685689°W / 44.590968; -75.685689Coordinates: 44°35′27″N 75°41′08″W / 44.590968°N 75.685689°W / 44.590968; -75.685689
Status Operational
Security class Maximum security
Capacity 44
Managed by Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

The Brockville Jail is a jail in Brockville, Ontario.

Notable residents have included serial killer Peter Woodcock (also known as David Michael Krueger), who in the summer of 1991, on his first day pass in thirty-five years from his Brockville, Ontario psychiatric hospital, brutally murdered another patient. Also incarcerated in the Brockville Jail, in 1972, was Roger Caron, author of prison books "Go Boy" and "Bingo".

Roger Caron mentions in his writings that Brockville Jail is famous for never having any escapes. There was one undocumented escape from Brockville Jail which occurred during the summer of 1994. Two young offenders climbed the door on the internal/outdoor patio, scaled the fence and then hopped down the three flights of roof tops to freedom. They were picked up by police several hours later.

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