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Brocton Hall is an early 19th-century Georgian mansion now serving as a golf clubhouse at Brocton, Staffordshire, England. It is a Grade II listed building.[1] The three storey, seven bayed house was built in 1801 for Sir George Chetwynd, but Sir George had inherited an estate at Grendon, near Atherstone, North Warwickshire in 1798 and moved his seat to Grendon Hall. Brocton became the home of junior members of the family.

The estate was sold in 1922 for development as a golf course, designed by Harry Vardon. In 1939, a fire damaged the building and the Hall was rebuilt but without its third storey.

Brocton Lodge, originally part of the Brocton Hall estate, was developed in 1812 by Sir George Chetwynd and passed on to Henry Chetwynd who died in 1870. Later residents included Redvers Buller, the Thorneycroft family, and Colditz escapee Colonel Guy German. [2]


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