Brodmann area 27

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Brodmann area 27
Brodmann Cytoarchitectonics 27.png
Medial surface of the brain with Brodmann's areas numbered.
Latin Area praesubicularis
NeuroNames 1039
NeuroLex ID birnlex_1758
FMA 68624
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Area 27 of Brodmann-1909 is a cytoarchitecturally defined cortical area that is a rostral part of the parahippocampal gyrus of the guenon (Brodmann-1909). It is commonly regarded as a synonym of presubiculum (Crosby-62).

The dorsal part of the presubiculum is more commonly known as the postsubiculum[1] and is of interest because it contains head direction cells, which are responsive to the facing direction of the head.[2]

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