Brodmann area 28

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Brodmann area 28
Brodmann Cytoarchitectonics 28.png
Medial surface of the brain with Brodmann's areas numbered.
LatinArea entorhinalis ventralis
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Brodmann area 28 is a subdivision of the cerebral cortex of the guenon defined on the basis of cytoarchitecture. Brodmann regarded its location adjacent to the hippocampus as imprecisely represented in the illustration of the cortex of the guenon brain in Brodmann-1909. It is located on the medial aspect of the temporal lobe.


In the human it and the dorsal entorhinal area 34 (H) together constitute approximately the entorhinal area (Brodmann-1909).

Distinctive features (Brodmann-1905)[edit]

The molecular layer (I) is unusually wide; the external granular layer (II) contains nests of, for the most part, multipolar cells: the external pyramidal layer (III) contains medium-sized pyramidal cells which merge with cells of the internal pyramidal layer (V); a clear cell free zone represents sublayer 5b of layer V; the multiform layer is wide and has a less clear two sublayer structure; the internal granular layer (IV) is totally absent.

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