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Brody House is an exclusive private members arts club and residence established in 2009 in Budapest, Hungary, by the founders William Clothier and Peter Grundberg. The house is named after Hungarian writer Sandor Brody. Membership is by invitation only and offered to people who have noteworthy creative, innovative or artistic lives, work or influences.The Club is affiliated with several prestigious clubs around the world including The Arts Club in London, The Spoke Club in Toronto.

Under Soviet rule and communism, private members clubs all but disappeared in Budapest, but the creation of the likes of Brody House has marked the return of such establishments in the region. The House has attracted media attention for its creative design, bohemian club life style and famous and noteworthy arts, media, music and film visitors and members. It has featured in numerous music videos including: ‘Down’ by Balazs Feher and ‘Fuzzy Fuzzy’ by The Stagger Rats which was produced by Oasis producer Owen Morris.

The house itself was formerly an annex to the Hungarian Parliament located next door before it was relocated in 1896 to its current location on the banks of the Danube (Hungarian Parliament Building). The house has since then housed the Hungarian prime minister Miklos Kallay and other noteworthy city mayors as well as illustrious writers, musicians, film and music producers.

Brody House's hotel has rooms with art by a variety of artists, including Alexander Tinei (Moldova) and Morris Tepper (USA), Etienne De Fleurieu (France), Bo Droga (UK), Yusuke Fukui (Japan) and Emily Salford (Sweden).


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