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Brogan Group Ltd
Private Ltd
Industry Construction
Founded 1988 by James Brogan
Headquarters London, UK
Key people
James Brogan Managing Director
Products Scaffolding, Hoists and Mastclimbers

Brogan Group is an international specialist scaffolding and access contractor and was founded by James Brogan in the late 1980s. Its headquarters are UK based in London with operations in Dublin, Lithuania and Dubai.


Brogan Group provide access to a range of construction projects, including airports, hospitals, schools, roads, office blocks, shopping centres, high rise apartments, bridges, railways, historic and listed buildings.

Major Projects[edit]

Major projects for which the Brogan Group provided access include the Royal Opera House completed in 2000, [1] the Half Penny Bridge completed in 2001,[2] the Regents Quarter re-development at Kings Cross completed in 2002,[3] [4] Smithfields Development,[5] and the Elm Park development completed in 2004, Kileen Castle completed in 2005,[6][7] Project HAL (News International Building) completed in 2006,[8][9] the Beetham Tower, Manchester[10] completed in 2007 and Tower West, Liverpool[11] completed in 2008.


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