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Elevation 3,798 m (12,461 ft)
Location PakistanAfghanistan border
Range Hindu Kush
Coordinates 36°53′N 73°21′E / 36.883°N 73.350°E / 36.883; 73.350
Mountain passes of Afghanistan

Broghol, also spelled Broghil, Boroghil and several other ways (el. 3798 m./12,460 ft), is a high mountain pass along the Durand Line border that crosses the Hindu Kush mountain range and connects Wakhan District of Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan with Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Broghol is a relatively low pass. It was closed for about three months each winter because of snow, but for much of the rest of the year it was passable even for cart traffic.

It is one of the four major mountain passes entering Chitral, Pakistan; the others are the Dorah Pass from Badakshan Province of Afghanistan, Shandur Top from Gilgit, and Lowari Top from Upper Dir District.

The area of Broghol is inhabited by Wakhi and Kyrgyz people.

European migration[edit]

According to the National Geographic Genographic Project, Broghol Pass appears to be the route used by the ancestors of all modern Western Europeans to reach Europe. Modern Europeans carrying the M45 genetic marker crossed Broghol and then turned west; M45 further mutated to become M173 and then M343, which is carried by 70% of the population of England.[1]

Historical significance[edit]

Map of the Wakhan Corridor

As a low pass, Broghol has been often proposed but seldom used as an invasion route. During the 19th century, the British greatly feared that the Russians would use Broghol to invade the heartland of British India. However, the Russians never did that, probably because after crossing Broghol they would have had to walk more than 200 miles down to Jalalabad or else would have had to cross another equally high pass to reach Ishkoman.[citation needed]

It is possible that Marco Polo crossed the Broghol Pass to reach China.

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Coordinates: 37°00′N 73°26′E / 37.000°N 73.433°E / 37.000; 73.433