Broken Falls

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Broken Falls
Location Grand Teton National Park
Coordinates 43°44′41″N 110°45′18″W / 43.744655°N 110.754935°W / 43.744655; -110.754935Coordinates: 43°44′41″N 110°45′18″W / 43.744655°N 110.754935°W / 43.744655; -110.754935[1]
Type Tiered
Total height 300 ft (91 m)[2]
Number of drops 7[2]
Longest drop 72 ft (22 m)[2]

Broken Falls is a waterfall in Grand Teton National Park in the U.S. state of Wyoming.[3] The waterfall descends 300 feet (91 m) over seven drops on the eastern flank of Teewinot Mountain in the Teton Range and then flows into Moose Pond near Jenny Lake.


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